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Westend Gate, Frankfurt
Description The Aberdeen Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH is revitalizating the former Plaza / Marriott building directly opposite the main entrance of the fair.
More The office space will be brought up to date. The exterior facade will be renovated and upgraded. The hotel has a new ballroom, a new conference level and the project design a new entrance with a covered space and hotel entryway.
Services AHO § 204 and 205 in Working Group.


ComCenter, Frankfurt
Description New office and training building for the Videor Technical Ernst Hartig GmbH.
Services Project Development and General Planning.


Description Order detailed project development with study implementation and utilization plan. Design planning office building with conference center, meeting hall, both traditional and modern shopping center with restaurants and designed grounds.
More Owner: NAC – Kairo.
Services Project Development


Münchner Straße/ Kaiserstraße Frankfurt
Description The company Lindner AG and the Schlossbräu Mariakirchen purchased the property in the sensitive "Bahnhofsviertel" district in Frankfurt.
More The building with 6,000 m² gross floor area was upgraded for up to date fire protection.
Services HOAI § 34 LP 1 – 4



Yaskawa Europe GmbH
Description Following a comprehensive revitalization of the existing property with 12,000 m² gross floor area, Yaskawa and Motoman has started operation of its new european headquarters.
More The user mix consists of office space, laboratories, training center and warehouse.
Services General Planning § 34 and 53 all work phases. Planning the rental version and fixtures.



Thermie Serres
Description Installing a district heating network between CHP and end users DN 400 - DN 80 including house transfer stations, earthworks, road and road construction.
More Establishment of a CHP plant with 15 MW electric power and 90 MW thermal power based on 4-Deutz gas engines.
Services Representation of a german investors (51% share) according to § 204 and 205 AHO project control and cost control. An average of 6 man-days per month on site. Introduction of EU standards in quality management.


Ciba Vision
Description Contact lens factory with high-bay warehouse, administration, production and research departments.
Space: 8,000 m² of clean room technology, 12,000 m² of production space, 3,200 m² high bay warehouse, 2,400 m² of office space, 1,400 m² casino with full kitchen.
Services Construction Management acc. § 15 HOAI


Merton´s Passage
Description Shopping center with office space, medical offices and restaurants, 22,000 m² gross floor area and 11,000 m² offices and practices.
More Construction time: 19 months, tenant-specific expansion among others, for Penny and Sri Lankan Airlines in accordance with a general contractor. § 15 and § 73 HOAI.
Services Building cover Construction Management acc. § 15 HOAI.


Arbeitgeberverband der hessischen Metallindustrie
Description Administrative and training building in Frankfurt. 5,800 m² office space, 1,100 m² training and conference areas with modern presentation technology, casino with full kitchen.
Services Construction Management acc. § 15 and § 73 HOAI.


Bildungshaus Bad Nauheim
Description Renovation / restoration and extension of a 1960 built in concrete and masonry construction, with the complete gutting and fitting of a 7-story ward block and 2 basement parking garage.
More 64 guest apartments, leisure areas, kitchen, 2 casinos, 440 m² flexible auditoriums, entrance hall, park, etc.
Services Construction Management acc. § 15 and § 73 HOAI, and General Planning for additional expansion in 2002.


Gefahrenschutzzentrum Erfurt
Description Concentration of all civilian emergency services (fire, ambulance, etc) with epidemiological and disinfection station. 70,000 m² plot of land, 22,000 m² of hall space and 3,800 m² offices, additional outdoor facilities and hose tower.
More Owner: Stadt Erfurt
Services Construction Management acc. § 15 HOAI.


HME- Hyundai
Description Administrative, training and development buildings, 11,000 m² of offices and advanced workshops.
More Owner: ISP Immobilienverwaltung
Services Project Management



Stadtwerke Chemnitz AG
Description 18.500 m² gross floor area divided into 6,000 apartments, 8,000 m² of office space, 2,500 m² retail space and 2,000 m² food space.
Services Project Management