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Bettinastraße Frankfurter Westend
Description Revitalization, technical and visual enhancement of the administration building of DEGI, now Aberdeen Property Investment GmbH.
More The surface area of 3,800 m² gross floor area has been upgraded to newest office standards.
Services AHO § 204 u. 205 all phases


Junghof Frankfurt
Description Inner city office complex with revitalizing an existing building (4,000 m² GFA), new faces (20,000 m² GFA).
More Rent designs and installations in the users request. Among other first-time application of a "Oxy-Reduct" fire prevention system in the data center. Rental clientele mainly banks such as: Helaba Trust, Helaba Invest, Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Scotland.
Services HOAI § 34 LP 6 – 8 and HOAI § 54 LP 6 – 8 for the building



Hauptverwaltung des SGVHT in Frankfurt
Description Partial demolition and revitalization of two existing buildings. Construction of high-quality office space for the SGVHT.
More Gross floor area: ~8,000 m², Gross volume: ~24,000 m².
Services HOAI § 34 LP 5 – 8


Description Headquarters of the Deutsche Bahn network, 44,000 m² of office space with cutting-edge IT technology, presentation rooms, its own casino and parking garage with 330 parking spaces.
More Construction time: Building covering 12 months, user-specific expansion 6 months.
Services Project Management and Construction Management / General Planning.


DLZ Ostkreuz Berlin
Description 80,000 m² of office space, underground parking for 450 vehicles, 3,500 m² casino with full kitchen for 2500 meals.
Services Construction Management and Project Management from development to delivery.


Description Modern office building with 14,000 m² gross floor area and underground parking for up to 240 cars.
More Construction time: 14 months building shell, tenant-specific enhancement of all areas 10 months.
Services Construction Management and General Planning.


Description Administration Building of the Deutsche Telekom, 40,000 m² of office space with underground parking.
Services Construction Management including user-specific expansions.


Description Headquarters of KPMG, 18,000 m² of office space, 240 underground parking spaces and a 600 m² data center.
Services Construction Management